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  1. No booking without a 25% instalment. The full stay is paid on arrival, as you get the keys..

  2. In order to allow a sufficient household between each hiring, and despite the household is under your responsibility during your stay, arrival begin at 17h while departure at 10hh

  3. The instalments are never refunded.

  4. Rents are paid on arrival, or from day to day in case the duration is unknown..

  5. Any reserved and started stay is completely owed..

  6. A receipt is given in exchange of a deposit. The amount of the deposit may vary according to the stay duration, the number of persons, prices, etc..

  7. Prices are given with inclusive taxes. Studios are furnished with household linen and table linen. Studios are (generally) provided for 2 persons. Any additional person will pay an extra charge. Single persons may benefit from a reduction in some cases (low season)..

  8. Reserved nights are non-transferable. Any additional other person but the owner of the rent will be considered as an additional one and will pay extra charges, even during the absence of the owner..

  9. The longest rent lasts a month. A longer stay may be accepted after a one month long stay and has to be submitted to our prior consent. The stay has to be paid before being registered, the latest date to pay being the day of the rent. Unpaid rents are not registered. July, September and August are submitted to special prices..

  10. Clients may invite some people as long as they do respect others and the place, and as long as they are not invited to take advantage of the furniture and not too often. They have to leave the house before 11:00 p.m., after what they would have to pay their night stay..

  11. Any one who stays will present his identity paperss

  12. Pets are not accepted.

  13. The rents begin at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 am..

  14. Room cleaning is up to the client during his stay, and equipment can be found on level shelves. The client has to take care of his rent, eventual dysfonctionment has to be mentioned at the beginning of the stay and other damages have to be retributed, or might result in rent cancellation..

  15. Lodgers are supposed to get an insurance for any damages he might cause. Not disposing of such an insurance may result in a cancellation of the lodging agreement..

  16. Lodgers have to take care of the rooms and its furniture, and to fix the windows and shutters in order to avoid damages due to bad weather..

  17. Before leaving the room, lodgers have to check that any electrical equipment is off, and that taps are turned off, and more generally that no danger may remain during their absence..

  18. Any anomaly or damage should be point out to us during the first 24 hours of the stay, after which delay, the duty will fall on the lodger..

  19. Furniture is attached to a room and should not leave it. Bath sheet will not be hold to the beach nor in a car..

  20. It is forbidden to bring valuable furniture or objects in the room..

  21. It is forbidden to use the furniture for a usage different from its designed purpose..

  22. It is forbidden to use electrical devices other than those furnished with the room. Other utilisation is submitted to our prior consent..

  23. Matelass, covers and all furniture that might not be changed between two consecutive stays are under the carreful responsibility of the client, and have to stay in the room..

  24. It is forbidden to use the rented studio as premises for professional purposes..

  25. Parking the car in the hotel garden path is allowed but does not engage the hotel responsibility in case of damage or robbery..

  26. Presentation of identity papers is mandatory.

  27. Our company gets the right to change theses General Conditions and Internal Rules without any prior advert.

  28. WIFI is offered for free in all rooms. Reception is not guaranted. We remind all our customers that downloading films copyright protected is forbidden in France and is under the control of the law.

  29. Bedrooms and building are non-smoking areas.

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